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August 7, 2022
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Contact Information / Email
Contact with the headquarters of the Central Power Distribution Company (a special joint stock company)
Headquarters (central building)
Arak, Daraei Square, Imam Musa Sadr Street, Central Power Distribution Company
Saturday to Wednesday: 7:30 am to14:30 noon
 Thursday:7 am to13:30 noon
Friday: official holidays (except for parts of the company, such as the call center 121, and affairs and areas)
 Required call numbers
Shahab system
Basir system (receiving video and video reports)
 Further information
National ID
 Economical number
registration number
Postal code
Home phone
Meet the people with the CEO
Monday every week
It is appropriate to contact Mrs. Akbari on Monday to make an appointment.

Contact information management city distribution

Arak Distribution Network Management

Farahan Power Distribution Management

Hasan Keivanpour

Abdollah Bakhtiari

E-mail : arak.manager(at)mpedc.ir

E-mail : farahan(at)mpedc.ir

Phone number : 33139400)

Phone number :  33723304

Save Power Distribution Management

Ashteban Electrical Distribution Management

Mohammad Motahari

Mohammad Reza Ahmadi

E-mail : saveh(at)mpedc.ir

E-mail : ashtiyan(at)mpedc.ir

Phone number : 42224000

Phone number : 37225674

Khomein Power Distribution Management

Komijan Power Distribution Management

Hossein Ali Faramarzi

Seyed Reza Mohajerani

E-mail : khomein(at)mpedc.ir

E-mail : komijan(at)mpedc.ir

Phone number :46331512

Phone number : 35453968  

Tafresh Power Distribution Management

Khondab Power Distribution Management

Parviz farbodnya

Mostafa Dehghani

E-mail : tafresh(at)mpedc.ir

E-mail : khondab(at)mpedc.ir

Phone number :36222994

Phone number: 35624781

Shazand Power Distribution Management

Zarandie Power Distribution Management

Majid Mamaghani Nezhad

 Mohsen Fattahi

E-mail : shazand(at)mpedc.ir

E-mail : zarandieh(at)mpedc.ir

Phone number : 38223003

Phone number :45222221

Mahallat Power Distribution Management

Ghargh Abad Power Distribution Management

Javad Safari

Sattar Mohammedi

E-mail : mahalat(at)mpedc.ir

E-mail : gharghabad(at)mpedc.ir

Phone number : 43233370

Phone number :42302218

Delijan Power Distribution Management

East Arak Electrical Distribution Management

Mehdi Ebrahimnejad

Ali Mohammadi

E-mail : delijan(at)mpedc.ir

E-mail : shargh(at)mpedc.ir

Phone number :44228574

Phone number :33134080

West Arak Power Distribution Management

 Fereydoun Hatami

E-mail : gharb(at)mpedc.ir

Phone number :32776040


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