1401:Knowledge-based production
August 7, 2022
  •  shoar sal
Roles, tasks and activities of the device
Job Description of Central Electric Power Distribution Company
Creation, development and optimization of network and distribution facilities of electric power in the field of company activity
Operation, maintenance and maintenance of the company's power distribution networks and distribution facilities
Collaboration with regional power companies in optimal placement of sub-distributive posts
Steering and monitoring of the distribution network
Provision of services required to access other electricity suppliers to distribution networks for the purchase, sale or transfer of electricity by obtaining the right of transfer
Buying and Selling Electricity
. Carry out the necessary measures to ensure continuous supply of electricity, including contracting with suppliers in accordance with the requirements of the electricity market and delivering it to subscribers.
. Providing services to subscribers and providing the necessary facilities for accepting new requests and assigning subscriptions or changes in subscriptions in the field of company activity
. Manage load, consumption and energy demand for optimal power consumption
. Operation, repair and maintenance of networks and facilities for distributing electric power belonging to others in the event of obtaining the necessary permissions
. Supporting applied research and conducting research activities related to distribution
. Support the development of consulting and consulting capacities and new technologies and technologies to reduce costs, increase productivity and improve customer service levels.
. Electricity sales are mainly granted to authorized electricians in order to be delivered to consumers
. Outsourcing of Study and Competitive Operations
. Providing services to the Ministry of Energy in the implementation of Article 4 of the Law on the Power Company of Iran or other laws and regulations
. Providing the possibility to use the assets of the company to provide the services provided by other persons by receiving them in accordance with the guidelines approved by the general assembly in such a way that the company's main services are not compromised.
The main area of ​​activity of the Central Power Distribution Company
Provide all services related to the distribution of electric energy in the central province
Provision of services related to the sale and assignment of electricity splits including the issuance of electricity bills, conversion of amperegas, collection, relocation and reinstalling of the split, reduction and increase of demethane, etc.
Control and inspection of subscriber measuring devices and apply appropriate tariffs in accordance with the standards and regulations of the Ministry of Energy
Development and construction of 20 kV network and weak pressure
Providing services for the improvement and improvement of public street lighting
Providing services related to the optimization and operation of networks and distribution facilities
Provision of services related to subscriber's shutdown and control and supervision of the distribution of electrical energy
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