1401:Knowledge-based production
August 7, 2022
  •  shoar sal
Introduction / Message Manager
Central Region Power Distribution Company services related to the sale of electricity and sale of electric energy branch, maintenance of networks of low voltage, medium voltage and LED lighting is responsible.
This is a fine service to more than 690 thousand customers through a network of about 20 thousand kilometers and 15 thousand distribution transformers with the efforts and efficiently delivers more than a thousand personnel.
 In pursuit of this service, the mission of the company is to supply and distribute sustainable electricity to the community's development and prosperity, and it is proud that about 70 percent of this supply is in the productive sector, namely, industry and agriculture.
We aim to make the vision of our vision better by following the following:
* Sustainable, high-quality, and economical energy supply, intelligent and non-existent
* Passing an operating distribution organization to a distribution management organization 
* Health and safety of citizens, staff and contractors
* Collective reliance and empowering employees with a belief in synergy and convergence.
* Providing continuous, efficient and effective services to staff and customers.
* Transparency and honesty in responding to customers.
*Continuous improvement
We hope that in the light of precise planning, effectiveness and respect for organizational values, we will reach the level of service desirability of forgetting our customers.
 Mahmood Mahmoodi
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